In December 2014, we started as a small stall in a Penang food court selling ice-cream and waffles. In July 2015, we took over Chill Station in Seberang Jaya and that laid the ground work for what is now known as Chillax Ice Station.

We expanded to ice-blended drinks and our rolled ice-cream which allowed us to experience queues at our small outlet. 

In 2016, we expanded our menu to include main courses such as roast chicken, pizza and Shepherd's Pie. Our highlight during this time was the beginning our hands on cooking classes with D'Ark International School. 

Come 2018, we faced some challenges in the business when moving to a new location. The ceiling caved in, we had termites in the wiring and things slowed down. As we recovered, the world faced Covid 19 and this brought changes to the businesses. 

We shifted focus to online cooking classes instead of hands on and we stopped dine-in. In 2022, our highlight was Eid cookie production that saw us pass 20,000+ containers sold. To say we were excited was an understatement.

Online classes expanded to 8 different countries and we closed the year with more than 15,000 participants. This is the year we also faced another round of challenges when we had mass shipping problems.  

At 2023 came around, due to increased import costs and staffing issues, we stopped production in Penang to focus solely on online classes and eBook sales.